Nutritional Acumen

We know the development of health and nutritional acumen is necessary to stave off disease and reduce healthcare visits. Righteous Roots is here to provide education and tools to help you understand the nutrition your body needs, find and choose nourishing foods, keep your body moving, and seamlessly integrate healthy choices into your everyday life.

How do we do this?

We provide resources that aim to educate in the areas of food, fitness, nutrition, and everyday living. These resources will expound on the toxicity of ingredients in your food and personal hygiene products. They can help you identify your body type and what diet/exercises correspond to your body's needs. In addition, our resources detail household items to avoid for a healthier lifestyle, along with much, much more.

A couple shopping for food
Black family eating healthy food together

Nominate A Family

One of the many ways we assist communities is through nutritional assistance. Click the button below to nominate a family in need. By nominating a deserving family, Righteous Roots will be able to foster its mission to empower prosperity. Simply complete the form on the page that follows, and our staff will make the effort necessary to help all the families we possibly can.