Righteous Roots was founded with the purpose of giving back to the underserved who require an invisible hand to guide them up—not just to where they belong—but, to where they deserve to be. Through our struggles, we discover the need to learn and understand. For some, these opportunities are not readily obvious nor available. That’s where we come in. We are their bridge.

How do we do this?

We begin by destigmatizing mental health and wellbeing in order to open the door to a sound body and mind. We build on this through the development of a nutritional acumen, laying the healthy foundation necessary to stave off disease. Next, we pave pathways to financial literacy to increase the skills for saving and spending wisely. Finally, we illuminate means of acquiring student financial assistance.

The coalescing of these tenets is our keystone. We activate potential, enable success, and empower prosperity.

Side view portrait of African student wearing backpack choosing books on shelves in college library, copy space